WD Dashbord won't log in


I can’t login on the My Cloud Mirror Dashboard, i have the right info in and click the login button and nothing happens, no messages Nothing, if i put in the wrong info again nothing happens, if i leave the password field blank it has a red message above saying info wrong. i have tried Firefox and Chrome.


Did you follow the below link to access dashboard of My Cloud Mirror?


I am having exactly the same problem, but only on Win10 machines. (Firefox and IE) Apple/Safari works as it should.

Tried 4 second reset and it works on Win10 until you add the admin password back in.

it seems that when you click login, nothing happens. Consistent reaction on 4 win10 machines


Mostly such issues are caused with Internet Explorer browser on Windows OS. Did you try to access dashboard of MY Cloud using another web browser i.e. Google Chrome or Firefox?

EDIT - I Found the problem. my anti virus was blocking the password!!! i have fixed it now