WD my cloud mirror dashboard is freezing after login

i have tried a lot of time to access my cloud mirror dashboard but after login the page going to freeze ( page unresponsive)

i tried the following but same problem appears

  • login by IP address
  • login by //wdmycloudmirror/
  • login from all kind of browsers
  • soft reset
  • hard reset
  • tried from another computer

so what i can do to solve this issue, i cant mange my setting, backup manage, users

but i can access my files through local network normally

I have the same issue any solution??

Same issue here too.

For a couple of days (after manually upgrading to the newest .163 firmware) I have exactly the same issues. Fileservices running well, but no log in into the box possible.

WD is a NIGHTMARE! No one should buy their substandard products. I am so sorry that I bought this ■■■■.

I had this problem recently but a 40 sec reset got rid of it.

I am having the same issue here. No response from WD support. This is very comforting.

Same problem again. 40 second reset no longer correcting it.


same issue for me