WD my cloud mirror dashboard is freezing after login

i have tried a lot of time to access my cloud mirror dashboard but after login the page going to freeze ( page unresponsive)

i tried the following but same problem appears

  • login by IP address
  • login by //wdmycloudmirror/
  • login from all kind of browsers
  • soft reset
  • hard reset
  • tried from another computer

so what i can do to solve this issue, i cant mange my setting, backup manage, users

but i can access my files through local network normally

I have the same issue any solution??

Same issue here too.

For a couple of days (after manually upgrading to the newest .163 firmware) I have exactly the same issues. Fileservices running well, but no log in into the box possible.

WD is a NIGHTMARE! No one should buy their substandard products. I am so sorry that I bought this ■■■■.

I had this problem recently but a 40 sec reset got rid of it.

I am having the same issue here. No response from WD support. This is very comforting.

Same problem again. 40 second reset no longer correcting it.


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same issue for me

Exactly same issue here too!!!

  • Nothing works, after years of being steady -

Getting somewhere now. The local access issues are a problem with windows 10 settings. The remote access issues are a problem with the network (UPNP/ port forwarding). Haven’t got it sorted out yet but will post if I do.

Hi there! Has anyone had a solution to this? We can log in, but it freezes as soon as we enter so cannot even change a single setting. We’ve been having this problem since November 2019, IT is now May 2020.

We can access our folders on the computer locally but another thing to note is that roughly around the same time we started getting these endlessly recurring - self looping folders. These are folders of itself recurring inside itself, creating a kind of infinite looping effect. We suspect that this might be the reason the dashboard freezes because it is trying to calculate this information but gets stuck in an infinite calculation.

Please help!! especially @WD_Admin

And so the saga continues. Has a solution to this issue ever been found? I have also been experiencing this as late as TODAY (5/7/2020). I sense that it has to do with the fact that the web access is not https. Is there a solution to change http to https? I’m not a programmer but just a regular user but I can see that each browser indicates the connection is not secure.

It would be very much appreciated if the powers that be at WD would provide a solution to the web interface along with an updated certificate that would play with the modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Mozilla, etc.

I believe the representative sample of complaints on this community indicates that there is a global need for this fix that helps us legacy users. I don’t plan to replace my equipment just because it is “old” when nothing is wrong with it. So, please fix this.

I would be very much surprised if anything comes of this. Maybe the NAS isn’t such a good Idea after all… I could turn the Mirror into a plain external drive, I guess…

Dawntreader - I have been frustrated beyond words with this same issue and I must tell you - I SOLVED IT for me. I hope this works for you, as well.

I had to remove power to the device, depress the reset button on the back as I plugged in the power cord, and kept the reset button depressed for 5 seconds. The manual claims that keeping it depressed while powered up for 4 seconds will do a soft reset, but this did not work for me. Manual claimed that if I were to depress and hold the reset button with power removed, then hold for 40+ seconds after applying power, would do a hard reset (still retaining data). I found that my method of only holding it 5 seconds restored it to a hard reset condition, and I know this because I had set my IP address as a static address ( above my DHCP pool, which I set to end at

Now, the key is, after this hard reset, which bought me just enough time to log into the dashboard before things went dark again, I went to Settings>Media and turned off DLNA Media Server (which was on) and iTunes (which was on).

IMMEDIATELY this unit began to respond like an alien removed its corrupted innards and replaced it with a brand new creation!

Please give this a try and respond if it works. I have been flabbergasted that seemingly everyone on the planet who has purchased one of these has this same issue and that WD has never suggested the steps which magically restored this machine to everything they claimed it would be when I bought it.

TimeMachine backups are working flawlessly. Even during the first backup (largest of all) of my MacBookPro, the interface was responsive, snappy even, and I was shocked and delighted beyond words.

I hope this works for you. If it does, please post the method to every board where you searched for help. Others deserve to know.



Thanks for your reply. This is kind of crazy. I did all those things you mentioned except the 5 second hold power up. None worked, but that wasn’t my real issue. Of course Windows 10 and Apple behave similarly, so the reset solution is going to work on either system.

Aside from the certificate being out of date, which was my real issue, it was solved when I connected the drive directly to the ethernet. The web browsers don’t seem to care if your connection is not secure if there is good connectivity to the MyCloud. I have also been able to access the drive via the internet when away from the area.

So, to solve all my issues here’s what I did. Previously, I had to plug the NAS into the router (Linksys WRT1900AC) using the ports on the router kind of like a switch. When I was finally able to take it off the router and actually use an ethernet switch, it worked fine. Backups and everything now continue as required. Not sure why it worked via the router for many years and then suddenly it did not. But, all is well now.

So, add that solution as an additional thing to try. I think an ethernet switch runs around $30 +/- depending on how many ports you need.

Thanks again for your good reply and best regards,

Hi, I have followed your instructions, and the dashboard is finally recovered, for the first time after almost a year, my dashboard works normally, thank you!

You’re welcome! I know how frustrating, no, aggravating this is so I’m happy I could help you!

Thanks, Dawntreader. Missed your reply back in August for some reason but just saw it now.

By the way, there is no WAY I’m upgrading to the new software. Have you yet? I read a lot of horror stories about it. I’ll wait. WD has done no favors for its customers.

I’m so scared to use WD My Cloud, do I have to move to Nas Seagate Personal Cloud?

I can’t find the solution after login.

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