WD Dashboard not minimized at start up

Every time I turn on my pc WD Dashboard starts not minimized ad it asks administrator rights even if I turn on the options “start dashboard with windows” and “start minimized”.

I have the same problem, it’s so annoying to have to close it every time my Windows 10 starts.
I think I’m going to uninstall it for now…

Hello… I too have the same problem. Very annoying. Using v3.2.2.9. Have both “Start Dashboard with Windows” and “Start Minimized” enabled. To be clear, Dashboard does minimize, but it minimizes to the taskbar NOT the tray as it used to in the previous version and as stated in the info popup. WD please fix this! Thank you…

I too have same problem in dashboard and Win 10.
It is so annoying to have to close Dashboard UI every time Windows is rebooted.

Wester Digital: It is NOT enough that the UI is just minimized, but still showing in foreground on the taskbar! The app, should be minimized and showing only in the the right bottom corner (system tray), like all other hardware and service tools: SamsungMagician, DropBox, … or any other hardware management tool. I don’t want this app taking any space on my taskbar when I re-boot windows.

I emailed tech support directly and received this response:
Dear Customer,
Thank you for continued response. I appreciate your time and patience!

As per the update received from the senior team, you might have the software setup to launch at Startup which is causing it to show up on the Task Bar until you closes the software manually. If you would like to disable this feature you can just uncheck the " Start with Windows " options in the Options pane.

Obviously they have no idea how their own program is supposed to function, and how it did function properly before the last update to v3.2.2.9. I sent them a screenshot clearly stating in the orange popup what is supposed to happen on startup.

They sent back this reply:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting Western Digital Technical Support.

Thank you for intimating us. The senior team has escalated the request to software design team who will work upon the next update to reinstate the feature for Dashboard to minimize to the tray on start up as it worked in the past. We appreciate your feedback regarding this.

So there you go. Waiting patiently for the next update… ;^)

Thank you for escalating this ebM59, much appreciated!

Waiting patiently for a new software update… :slight_smile: