Dashboard Opens always on startup whatever the settings

Just updated the dashboard to the latest version ( and now i have an issue where the software always opens up on windows 11 startup while NOT minimized.

The settings within the software are set so the software should not be opening at all. Also, i tested the settings if they would “reset” by setting the software to start up at system launch and restarting windows but the settings are not saved at all. When i go to the settings after system restart, the setting “Open Dashboard at startup” are back to turned off (grey button).

Also, i have done 3 clean installs for the software. By removing it, restarting windows and then install. No help there.

Anything i can further try and test or is the uninstall the only option?

Is there anyway to download the old versions of the software?

Hi Haippari ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thank you for answering. Yes i have.

Made this post in hopes someone might have an solution while waiting on customer support, knowing how long these types of things can usually take…

Try looking into Task Scheduler in Windows. In the Task Scheduler Library there may be a task like “Run Dashboard” or “Run DashboardUserName”. Delete any tasks like that.

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LostLinuxGuy, this partly fixed the issue! So big thanks for that. I deleted the scheduler entry and now the software doesn’t open up automatically everytime i start windows, so it it not an issue anymore.

But the setting of the software still don’t save if i make adjustments. Meaning if i change the start up behavior it just defaults back to the basic settings. Which i can live with for the the time being.

Maybe there is some old registry entry from the previous version of the software that is haunting me. Seems like the build in “update dashboard” doesn’t do a proper clean uninstall… Have to try and figure this out.

WD just gave me the copy/paste bot answer on a email completely ignoring what i wrote about… Like expected.