WD Dashboard no drive info - not supported and not available

The 3 M.2 SSD’s I have (SN850 1TB, SN750 1TB and SN750 500GB) are all detected:


However, no information about them can be shown:

By the way, just a few days ago I changed the labels of 2 of the drives in the Windows Disk Management tool and changed the drive letter of one of them, not sure if this information helps.

I build this PC 5 days ago and the dashboard was working.
I also updated the firmware of the SN850 drive and after that the dashboard also worked.

Was this caused by installing AMD’s StoreMI?

I also installed my motherboard’s RAID Driver.

WD Dashboard Version


I have the same issue here!
Would be nice to have this sorted out in the near future :smiley:


Well I uninstalled AMD StoreMi and it went back to normal after a reboot.
After uninstalling it and before rebooting it showed “No devices detected”, after the reboot it detected the 3 drives I have and now shows all the information.