WD Dashboard Status issue

I have 2 WD Black sn750 nwme ssd 1TB and when I open Dashboard, Driver health and status of the drive is unknown/not available/not supported. I tried everything bios settings till windows drivers install/uninstall.
Both ssd are working normally

SSD 1: Windows 10
SSD 2: Games

PC Specs:
Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero X570 chipset (latest bios 3601)

How to fix this issue?

@Valentin90, Please ensure the WD SSD and cables are connected properly. Click on the Rescan button of the Dashboard to scan the system for connected WD SSDs, or close and restart the WD SSD Dashboard program.

Its a m.2 there are no cables, I think as long as the both drivers are working properly its good, but the problem is the software is not recognize it as WD black sn750. Before I had one on the intel motherboard and I could see everything. When I change on AMD motherboard, since then I have this issue…its like the software can’t read the details of the drive.

@Valentin90 Sorry for necroposting but it appears I have the exact same drive and an AMD motherboard (b450) with the exact same issue. Have you found a fix yet?