WD Dashboard Abnormal CPU usage when background monitoring is enabled


Whenever I enable background monitoring through the WD Dashboard (v. the CPU usage spikes abnormally high (≈60% CPU usage in just under a minute). Is anyone aware why this might be happening? For reference, I have a 13600k, so a simple dashboard shouldn’t under any circumstances be hogging that much of the CPU. The CPU usage is at 0% when background monitoring is disabled.

Is anyone aware what’s causing this? I emailed support about it in February of this year, and outlined the issue in a follow-up email. I haven’t heard back from them since, after they claimed that they “escalated it to the concerned team.” Another user allegedly escalated the same issue back in September of 2023, to no avail, seeing as the issue still hasn’t been resolved.

Digging a bit deeper it appears that this has been a problem since late 2016, with a number of users complaining about experiencing the same issue. The replies to this thread* are mostly users experiencing the same issue, with the most recent one being from 2022. This would lead one to believe that the issue is quite prevalent, especially as most users wouldn’t bother to sign up for a WD forums account to report it.

Here’s a link showing what I enabled, the software version, along with CPU usage: Watch CPU Usage WD Dashboard | Streamable

*Unable to link it for some reason, “error 422” I’ll post the link in the replies here.

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Link: WD Sync consumes a lot of CPU - WD Software & Mobile Apps / WD Software - WD Community

Hi @Lannis,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: