WD Sync consume a lot of CPU


Most of the times my computer is getting extremely slow. I open my task manager and I see Wd Sync Service with 100% cpu usage. In the windows (Windows 10) tray icon is no information that a sync is occurring. I can only solve this restarting the service.
Can anyone tell me how can i get to the source of the problem? Or anyone experience some problems like this?
Thank you


It would be helpful if you could provide some information such as the model of your CPU. I’d also recommend testing if CPU spikes tend to happen after a particular program or file is used. Re-installing the application from scratch could also help.

Hi Trancer - I don’t see a response from the original poster, and since I am experiencing the same thing and have not found an answer, I will chime in about my situation. I have a little Dell Inspiron 3000 series 64-bit desktop with 4GB of RAM with Pentium G3220 @ 3GHz and updated Windows 10. I don’t use this PC for much, no games or programming stuff, mainly surfing the internet, MS Office .docx and .xlsx, and using Onenote. Even when Chrome is the only thing that I have running (like while I am writing this text), my WD Sync Service process CPU utilization bounces around, but always it utilizes the balance available, and my CPU is always at 99%. (I have, of course, task manager open too.) Yes, I can buy a more powerful PC, but I suspect if I had more or faster CPU, it would just consume that too. I don’t know if this is the cause of my totally sluggish performance, but certainly brings a question to mind. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

I too am a facing the same issue with the WD sync service consuming all the CPU and pushing it to 100% utilization.
This happening when a file is actually syncing still makes sense, but this remains full all the time.
Tried to reinstall the application as well. That too did not help.

Not sure what to do next.

Same issue here. I have a HP x360 Spectre, Core i7, 2.4 GHz, 8GB mem, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Home x64. On my network is a 4TB MyCloud single drive.

For no known reason the WD Sync spikes the processor to nearly 100%, and the fan goes crazy and it gets very hot. It is the ONLY app running, and I do not use the WD MyCloud as a backup drive. I use it as a media drive, and mainly for other equipment to use (AVR system, DVD/Bluray player, files for iPad to access, etc)

I installed MyCloud just a few days ago and this is a new problem.

I am having the same issue as well. I have a Microsoft Surface Book and WD Sync is jumping from 50-100% CPU time and I am backing up very little. Any suggestions from WD would be appreciated. Thanks, LTK

I have also experienced the high CPU usage. when I looked at the Task Manager my WDsyncservice.exe was using at least 25% and up to 80+% of my CPU. It never dropped below 25%.
With no other responses found on this issue, I decided to try a few things. Try the following which worked for me.
First…open the WD Sync and pause syncing for a couple minutes. Then restart syncing

Second if that does not work for you, end the process tree of WDsyncservice.exe. It will restart automatically in a couple seconds.

This worked for me as it appears my issue was the executable was getting stuck in a loop causing the high CPU usage and restarting it cleared it up and once restarted it worked fine syncing my files as normal and sitting idle at 0% when not syncing. It will pole every few seconds or so but just very briefly and CPU usage below 5%. That appears to be the norm.


Long story short:
What helped me, was reinstalling the wd sync app.

Long story:

I have also noticed that app Wd sync service uses usually quite a lof of processor (30-70%).
In fact, every few seconds the usage would go down significantly, and then again to the high level.

Naturally, I restarted the service in task manager, with no change.
Then I wanted to perform the step 1 given by gjb in above post, but I realized that clicking WD sync had only one option Help and there was no way to pause syncing or look at details.
The, I looked at sync files and it appeared that the last sync files are 0.5 year old!
WD sync reinstallation and reconfiguration worked and the processor usage is small and the files are synced.

It doens’t matter what is the model of CPU! At all of my laptops make wdsync the machines slow. It doesn’t matter if it is an AMD or Intel, middle or high category…

This picture i made at one of my laptop with i7 8th generation… When WDSync is running the laptop is unusable!