Why Is WD Discovery CPU Use So High

WD Discovery (32bit) is consuming 35% to 45% of my quad-core CPU continuously. It is literally bringing my computer to its knees. Memory use is around 100MB with 0 Mbps of Disk and Network usage. I have turned off autosync. Why is WD Discovery so resource intense wthen it is doing nothing?

I’m having the same issue. Did you ever get a response?

Because it is a bad app written with the feet. It is based on the Electron framework which basically use Google Chrome to run the app. So it needs to have a special version of Chrome being launched and run to work. That’s why it is so memory hungry, slow and does not feel native on both macOS and Windows. Neat.

No, I have not received any response other than yours.

The only way I have been able to defeat this poorly designed app is to disable it in Startup and only turn it on when I want to access the Z drive. I’d already disabled the sync function that made this WD device any better than a normal NAS device. The sync function made my computer totally worthless. I had such hope for this WD My Cloud device, but I’m totally disappointed in it and WD in general for putting out such a pathetic product.


I have three computers running WD Discovery. Two are HP laptops and one is a Gateway desktop. Here’s the description of each:

Laptop #1
Sys:HP Laptop
CPU: Quad-core Intel i5-7200 CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.71GHz
Mem: 8GB
OS: 64-bit Win 10 1809
WD Discovery Impact: Minimal

Laptop #2
Sys: HP Laptop
CPU: Quad-core Intel i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz
Mem: 4GB
OS: 64-bit Win 10 1903
WD Discovery Impact: Minimal

Sys: Gateway Desktop
CPU: AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-core @ 2.20GHz
Mem: 8GB
HD: 250GB SSD and 2TB HDD
OS: 64-bit Win 10 1903
WD Discovery Impact: Major

Comparing the three specifications, OS Version, HDD size and Memory size don’t seem to be a factor. All three are Quad-core running at 2.2+ GHz. Both laptops have sync (wdsync.exe) turned on while the desktop does not. The desktop has both a SSD and a HDD, however, disk and network activity are near zero while CPU use is at 35-45% on the desktop. This leads me to suspect that the issue is with the CPU, perhaps even being brand sensitive (AMD vs Intel). For others having the problem, what brand of CPU do you have? Anyone else have any ideas? Is WD Discovery incompatible with AMD processors?

I’m having the same issue. I have MyCloud Home and Windows 10 running WD Discovery. I found wdsync.exe eating 100% cpu. Also there are two instances of this executable running concurrently. What can be done to stop this high utilization of CPU?

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I ended up reinstalling WD Discovery and that seems to have cleared up the problem. Now every time I boot, I get the notification that “WD Discovery update complete.”

I seem to be having the same issue but strangely it was showing two wdsync.exe processes running and consuming over 90% of the cpu.

I have tried reinstalling WD Discovery but now i means that I have to re sync all the folders that we previously synced (about 300gb). Last time that took about 3 days.

Did you have any contact with WD Support?

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Yes I did talk to WD Support. Here in the forums I communicated with WDSal who told me to talk directly with WD Support. I did,talk with WD Support on WD Case (101419-14180857). In was in this line of messages that somebody suggested reinstalling.


That’s definetely a lot of usage. My 8TB drive only gets up to 6% CPU on my i7 2600 when I do something intensive like download 50GB+ of files into it from an FTP server.