Multiple instances of the wdsync.exe process pegs CPU @100%


I have an AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core CPU running 64-bit Win 10 Pro on wired ethernet. I have a 4T My Cloud Home backup device. Multiple wdsync.exe processes are bringing my computer to its knees with the CPU pegged at 100%.for hours. Trying to use the computer is becoming annoying at best. Is there anything I can do to get this under control?


@janoble Sounds like you are using the “Sync to my cloud” feature.
How many folders and how much content are you sycing in parallel?

I’m syncing most of my data files. Very little if any of the files or directories change. Should I not use the sync “feature” which I considered the only feature above that of a NAS. If I have to manually move the files why bother with syncing?

SBrown, yes you were correct. The “Sync to MyCloud” brought my computer to it’s knees. I went through and shut all the directories being sync’d and my computer has become useful again. I guess I’ll just consider MyCloud a NAS device and manually transfer files.