WD Caviar Green - slow performance


I have got new system but the system is too slow with this WD hard disk. if i try connecting Seagate HDD it works well.

with Seagate HDD windows XP installation happens in 25 mins but where as with WD it takes 90 mins which is too high.

is there any settings i need to carry out in order to increase the performance on WD HDD.

please find my system configuration:

Main board: GIGABYTE 880 USB3

Processor : AMD 1055T

RAM : 4GB Kingston

your response to this query is highly appreciated.



you will have to set the jumper to work correctly with windows xp

7-8 pins

lets wait for other experienced user

Thank you David, any one else has got the exact working solution? please post it

Your best bet would be to jumper pins 7-8 and then in the XP reinstallation, delete and recreate the partition you’re installing to.

If you’re using more than 1 partition, you’re going to need to either create the partitions in your current version of XP and then run one of the alignment tools on them or you can just let it install “slow” and then run the alignment tools on them on the new install of XP.

I’d recommend the former personally. As always back up your data.

Newer linux live cd’s made for partitioning can do it as well, but you need to be sure you know what you’re doing.

You can go to the downloads page for your drive and use WD Align utility to align the partition with XP installed.  That’s if you have just one partition, though.  Also, remember to back up important data before doing that.

Bill: So the align utility is also for just one partition? According to the information page here


You can use it for more than 1 partition too. I know there was another post about someone having inordinate amounts of free space before and after partitions after aligning them. Would explain why if the utilities are only meant to handle one partition on a drive.

Here, look at this link, and see if that helps answer your question.  We actually put out a couple of different kinds of utilities to help in this.  I’m not sure, anymore, which do what.