Preinstall New WD Caviar Green SATA 500GB 3.0GB with Windows XP Pro SP3 (32bit) jumper questions

I haven’t install the new drive or OS yet, I plan to install using the whole drive as my C: drive,single drive, fresh install. Should I use pin 7&8 since I’m using Windows XP? Would I still need to run Acronis align tool if I do? Should I try installing Windows XP first to see if I need to do anything.

Also, I don’t know if my motherboard will support 3GB transfer rate, or if I’ll need to use jumper 5&6 to reduce the transfer speed to 1.5GB. Will it be OK to use jumper 7&8 from above, and jumper 5&6 if I need to?

What would be the best order to do my install?

New Drive Model# WDBAAY500ENC-NRSN

Old PC Model # IBM ThinkCenter M50 8187

Windows XP Pro SP3 (32bit) on CD

It’s one or the other; if you set the jumpers then you don’t need to align, on regards to the SATA 2 to SATA issue then check the user manual, it should tell but I wasn’t able to find the MoBo inside that computer. I have not seen a drive working with multiple jumpers… Then again, I just have not seen it, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.