HELP Have WD Caviar Green 1 TB Help Unable to download Acronis Align tool

Hello WD

I’ve recently purchased your WD Caviar Green 1TB WD10EARS from Scan International.

Anyway I tried to download the advance format software for Windows XP x64 and it just took me to my account page with no option to download the software. I can still download Acronis True Image no problem. My Hard drive is connected externally in a DataTale TQM12H enclosure and trying to copy over Firewire and it’s extremly slow, it has a quad interface. I can’t use Sata as it comes up with write delay fail, unable to disable write caching (XP bug) I could use USB but that’s slow. Will the Align tool resolve this problem, or is it because I wrote some files to it on a windows 7 machine.

Thank you in advance for help in this matter.



I also notice that :confounded:, I hope WD doesn’t take to long to fix it. You do need to use the align tool for better performance under Windows XP, but it is provable that the align tool will not recognize the hard drive when connected to an external enclosure, but even if it is recognized the align process might not complete correctly. So it’s better for you to connect the hard drive directly to a computer motherboard. 

I just found out that this issue has been fixed.  You will need to register your product to download the software.

Just put a jumper between pins 7-8 on the jumper settings. That should tell the HD to align it properly.