WD Align on multi-boot system

Hi guys,

I will try to be as short as possible. I have a multi boot system (Win XP SP3  & Win 7 & Linux).

I have bought a new caviar drive that I plan to use to share common data betweent the OSes.

The question is with WD Align, I obviously need to run it with XP (I will have more than 1 partitions), but if I align the partitions in XP, will they still work as expected when I switch to Windows 7 and Linux ?

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Hi , I have the same questions about my drive ( WD15AERS )

I’m using XP SP2 and W7 and wanted this 1.5TB drive to store data.

I put the the drive and then formated it with W7. Now it looks like it’s working with both systems but I wonder if the size is correct ( I get 1.36TB / 1397.26GB ) and I thougt that advanced format drive would be bigger for about 10% than standard drives.

I haven’t aligned the drive yet but as I formated it with W7 I think it’s useless to do it… Maybe someone as any answer about it.

I’ll try to do it and thes post my feedback here.

Hi Goldorak,

Well I used WD align after partitioning (my 1.5TB caviar green) in my win XP system and my total disk space is now 1397.26GB.  So its the same size as your win 7. If you formated your partition in win7 then there is no point in running wd align.Do the partitions that you created in win 7 work fine when you boot into win xp ?


I’ve tried WD align software in Xp and it tells me that my HDD is already aligned so w7 had already done the job.

I have only one partition ( just data, XP and W7 are on another disk ) and look like to work fine in both systems. If I encounter any problem I’ll report it here.

See you.