WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB... Failing?

I bought this HD only 6 months ago and a few days ago I heard a weird noise coming from the PC (it’s like something touching a fan, not the “click click” of bad heads). I don’t know if it came from the HD because it was only for a few seconds and I couldn’t verify the position of the noise, but I wanted to make sure that the HD was ok and did an extended test with HDTune, getting 0 allocated sectors, 6 pending sectors and 4 uncorrectable offline sectors. I don’t know if, before the weird sound, it already had them (maybe it came from factory with them?). BTW, I have checked the fans of the PC and they have nothing near that could touch them and produce the sound.

Yesterday, it made the same weird sound again, so today, I have used WD Data Lifeguard, its extended test, and I got the “too many wrong sectors” error. After that, I have checked the SMART… and the pending sectors are now 27!!!

Is this a sign of a failing drive? Maybe HDTune didn’t find those wrong sectors, but they were already there? Should/Can I make use of the warranty (I bought it on January)?

I’d like to make a backup of everything and make a slow format on the HD, for seeing if it allocates the bad sectors but I haven’t a spare HD for doing that.

Ok… I have identified the noise, it COMES from the hard disk, it does it sometimes when it’s trying to access the sectors where “data lifeguard” gave me the error. BTW, now they are 29 pending sectors…

Hi yes any bad or pending sectors and also the noise from the drive I would RMA the drive you can do a warranty check and start the RMA process from here.  http://support.wd.com/warranty/index.asp?lang=en  

Thanks, I’ll do it.