WD BLACK 1.5tb failed?


i just bought a new Black 1.5tb , WD data life guard says to many bad sectors detected and failed.

i am now writing zeros to completely format the drive and shall try again.

The drive seems to be quite warm to the touch. compared to other WD drives.

could jumiping pin 5 and 6, limiting the drive to 3Gbps help? My board is quite old (sata2)

or maybe this be an RMA job?

thanks for your help. :_)

Hi I would return it to the place you bought it from tell them about the bad sectors and get a another one. Other wise rma it. You should not have to play with a new drive.


i formated again and had the same message after the lifeguard had finished

"08 - error was detected while repairing bad sectors "

So i shall contact the online retalier (dabs) as you suggest.

thanks again : )