WD Black 6Tb Bad Sector Issue


A month or two ago I bought a new WD Black 6Tb internal drive, it started off really well but then randomly I woke my PC up and the hard drive had disappeared from windows and I couldn’t initialise it again. I had contacted the company that I bought it from and had sent it back, they had tested it and found no issues so returned it to me once again.

In their response, they had shown me a picture of the test result in WD data lifeguard diagnostics so I had tested it again when I installed the hard drive again and it was fine.

However, I have just had the same thing happen again so I tested the hard drive in WD data lifeguard diagnostics and it couldn’t complete the test with the error that there were “Too many bad sectors”. I tested a few things to try and fix it such as restarting my PC and trying to find it through windows but that didn’t work. As a last attempt before contacting support again, I decided to unplug and plug the hard drive in again (while PC was on) and it just came back online again with no issues and all the files (only games) intact.

Is this anything that anyone has experienced before or does anyone know of any potential causes or fixes to this issue?



You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15514