Recent drive failures wd black 1002faex

Have had 3 instances of bad sectors/drive failures in the past 10 days.

Ran HD tune (trial vers.) 3 times yesterday(quick scan).got C5 current pending sector warnings of 8,11,13 unstable sectors.

DLDDIAG quick scans all pass,so ran extended scan which found bad sectors,but failed to repair with message:-08-error was detected while repairing bad sectors,contact tech support.

Attempts to clone disc to back up drive failed with error message:-Failed to read data from disk,sector 291,680,408(first try),sector486,890,936(second try).R/W operation on MD device has failed(0x590001).

Is it RMA time?.

with that Error i’d say yes.  But they with the replacement drive, they will void (or “renew”, don’t know how to say it) your 5 years warranty to something like ~6 month warranty for the replacement drive.

So if I were you, I’d try to write zeros with dlgdiag and see if everything works fine after that.  It strangely fixed my 07 + other errors… :neutral_face:

Hi yes you need to RMA the drive the drive you receive back will be a refurbished drive and the amount of warranty you have left on the bad drive will be transferred to the new replacement not reduced to 6 months, you can check the warranty status and start the warranty process here.


Got a reply from tech support,it’s had it.(even  back up failed yesterday).Only had it new 12 mths.

Going to be a pain re-installing.


Full warranty retained(less time from purchase date to RMA).Waitng on confirm.but no mention of refurb.replacement…

Would have tried zeroing if cloning had not failed.

Anyway.thanks for reply guys.