WD BLUE 250 GB SA510 issues

Thought i would reach out to forums as im getting no where with WD support, to see if others are having issues with this drive.

I ordered 200 of these drives for work, and so far have installed around 100 of them. we have had constant issues, these are all installed in dell optiplex machines, the common issue is that windows will completly freeze, the drive goes offline, which in turn causes a blue screen reboot, at which point windows will try to restart to a no os found. then you have to turn off the power to the PC, reboot and it works again until next reboot.

Secure boot is off, Raid mode is off, windows 10 is the OS, fully patched.

All the serial numbers on the 200 drives are very close together. we are not seeing issues with other PCs with different model SSDs, including a batch of 500GB WD Blue.

Suppport has basically done nothing other then grab some logs and they are blaming Dell. we are convinced we have a bad batch of drives here.

Atention! We have same bad issue with WD 510 series.
It probably QLC memory chips there.
Many faulty devices in this WD Blue 510 series SSD. Now we use old 3D NAND without any issues.

We are getting around 10 crashs a week now, i bought some samsung drives 0 crashs, WD blames Dell and microsoft, its clear these drives are the problem. WD will not own up tot he issue or provide a solution. buyer beware.

having a similar issue, since day one the moment i replaced my old hd with this new ssd the drive keeps on restarting every few mins normally once or twice an hour atleast… everything freezes, going to try and contact amazon and wd… lets see what happens…

Having the same issues with these models. This is on HP units


We have reached out to you via direct message, so we request you kindly check and reply to your DMs so that we can assist you further.

We sent all 200 back, the replacement Samsung drives have had 0 issues. WD support was pitiful and non existant, including various levels of escalations. the lack of even meaningful troubleshooting from WD is baffling. buyer beware.