WD BLUE 250 GB SA510 issues

Thought i would reach out to forums as im getting no where with WD support, to see if others are having issues with this drive.

I ordered 200 of these drives for work, and so far have installed around 100 of them. we have had constant issues, these are all installed in dell optiplex machines, the common issue is that windows will completly freeze, the drive goes offline, which in turn causes a blue screen reboot, at which point windows will try to restart to a no os found. then you have to turn off the power to the PC, reboot and it works again until next reboot.

Secure boot is off, Raid mode is off, windows 10 is the OS, fully patched.

All the serial numbers on the 200 drives are very close together. we are not seeing issues with other PCs with different model SSDs, including a batch of 500GB WD Blue.

Suppport has basically done nothing other then grab some logs and they are blaming Dell. we are convinced we have a bad batch of drives here.


Atention! We have same bad issue with WD 510 series.
It probably QLC memory chips there.
Many faulty devices in this WD Blue 510 series SSD. Now we use old 3D NAND without any issues.

We are getting around 10 crashs a week now, i bought some samsung drives 0 crashs, WD blames Dell and microsoft, its clear these drives are the problem. WD will not own up tot he issue or provide a solution. buyer beware.


having a similar issue, since day one the moment i replaced my old hd with this new ssd the drive keeps on restarting every few mins normally once or twice an hour atleast… everything freezes, going to try and contact amazon and wd… lets see what happens…

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Having the same issues with these models. This is on HP units


We have reached out to you via direct message, so we request you kindly check and reply to your DMs so that we can assist you further.

We sent all 200 back, the replacement Samsung drives have had 0 issues. WD support was pitiful and non existant, including various levels of escalations. the lack of even meaningful troubleshooting from WD is baffling. buyer beware.

Ordered two SA510 1TB’s, installed into two 2017 iMacs. One Failed with no OS twice, second one drive failed completely dead. 100% failure rate for me. Just replaced both with Samsung. Complete data lost on both. Good to have back ups.
I was wrong, it was three ordered. Last one failed today, it did not even get deployed.

We are experiencing similar issues. I have had two drives come back within a week with identical issues. One was a 1TB SA510 and one was a 500GB SA510. Both would still boot the system, but took absolutely FOREVER - as in like 10-20 minutes. Once booted, if you open the Task Manager, the disk is at 100% pegged. I was able to get them to clone to replacement drives for my customers to keep them happy, but unfortunately, SA510s were all I had to replace them with. I am hoping and praying that the replacements hold up. I have sold and installed probably 10-20 of these drives so far, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to bite me. I’m currently working with my distributor to see if I can return the remaining 30 of these units that I have in-stock to exchange for a different brand. It’s a shame - I’ve sold exclusively WD Blue SATA SSDs for YEARS. Hundreds and hundreds of drives… Only maybe had 1 or 2 bad ones up until these new SA510s…

If we’re counting - I just got another 1TB SA510 in this morning that’s having issues. That makes 3 for me in just a couple weeks. This one was a bit different though. The PC couldn’t find a bootable device. After messing around with it a bit, I got it to boot, so I rebooted into our imaging software and grabbed an image of it before it kicked the bucket entirely.

Thank you for this. I am a small self employed computer problem solver. I have installed quite a few SA500 drives, which work well, I even have one myself, 3 years old, going strong. I have only installed a few SA510 drives and already had one that screwed up the filing system (like a faulty mechanical hard drive) completely and was down to 95% lifetime in WD Dashboard after 2 months, a second that had file system errors, lifetime down to 63% after less than 6 months and a third which, after I put it into a laptop, appeared to kill the mainboard, I replaced the board, the laptop is currently working but I have not had a chance to check the lifetime of that drive. It seems to be a disatrous product, why isn’t WD doing something to admit to this?

Same problem here. I do side IT work and unfortunately suggested these, as I used to love WD storage. So far 3 dead SA510’s out of the 5 I’ve installed in the last 6 months, 1 500GB and 2 1TB models. My customers are out more money, and I look like an ■■■■■ for suggesting WD. I’ve also tested these drives under linux with basically the same results. Drive acts strange > drive starts throwing IO errors > Drive becomes entirely unresponsive and is no longer recognized. This is not a driver issue, this is not a software issue. This is a hardware issue and WD should take a little responsibility for putting out such a low quality product.

I’m a sysadmin for a school district and we’ve got probably 1000+ of the old 3D NAND Blues out, we’ve had few to no failures with them. But we will not be ordering anything from WD after all these issues and little to no support, and I’ll be suggesting all the other school sysadmins I know to do the same.

Dear jlafitte,

Thank you for you post concerning the WD Blue SA510 SSD drives.

There is new firmware available for these drives.

Please see the article below for more information.

Unfortunately, for me the new firmware hasn’t worked.
Two SA510 drives that have been a problem.
WD, please sort this out as your once good name in the industry could easily change.

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I’ve got two bad 1TB SA510s and one bad 500GB SA510 on my desk right now. Trying to figure out if they’re even worth making an RMA for… I mean, I’m on the hook for shipping costs, and they’ll just replace them with a similar model problematic drive, likely refurbished, even… I don’t know what to do.

Here with my 500GB, updated firmware, its time on, on Smart, Power on Hours, it is counting wrong. I’ve had it on for more than 2 days and Smart is saying it’s been on for 10 hours.
Yesterday it was 7 o’clock.

I made an account just to post on this thread. We too have been ordering WD 3D NAND drives for years with no problems. In May of 2022 they dropped the SA510 and have a tremendous amount of problems. Drives blue screening. Locking up. Even when data is copied to them, the data disappears but drive still has the files usage on it. It is impossible to fix the issue. Firmware update did not help. We buy probably 30 drives a month. We WILL NO LONGER be a western digital shop. RMA Process is garbage and they just give refurbished garbage of the same drive model. Which I am sure they have a ton of laying around from other poor saps like us returning them.


Unfortunately, I’ve had the same experience. It is very unfortunate. I know we sold HUNDREDS of the old 3D NAND drives and they treated us extremely well. At this time, we’ve switched over to the Samsung EVO drives. I cannot sell questionable quality drives to my customers - they depend on me to provide them with good, reliable drives. As I mentioned in my above post, I have 3 of these drives sitting on my desk waiting for RMA… I don’t even know that it’s worth getting them replaced as:

  1. I am on the hook to pay return shipping.
  2. They will likely send the same model drives back, which I don’t trust.
  3. They will send refurbished drives back, which I cannot sell as new. I have already replaced my customer’s drives with brand new Samsung drives at my own expense.

I am SO THANKFUL that our distributor was willing to take back huge order of these drives to exchange for a different brand. I’ve trusted WD with storage devices for MANY years… This has really soured me on them though.

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I have about 30 of the bad drives and got in touch with WD Customer Support. I told them that even though we purchased the drives from a distributor that it was their fault for the drives failing and I wanted to return them for a refund because I knew that they would send me the exact same version SSD as replacements. After asking to speak to a supervisor, I at least got them to send me WD Red SA500 instead of the faulty WD Blue SA510. Though I wanted to get a refund at least I am not going to get the same type of hard drive back.

Also, before I had called WD I took 3 of the SA510s and installed them in 3 Dell Optiplex 7050s and installed windows on each one. 2 of the drives had the latest firmware update 52020100 and the 3rd one had the older firmware. I downloaded WD Dashboard Toolkit and ran StressMyPC, with all the stress tests turned on. Within a week of running the tests the 2 SSDs with firmware update 520201 had dropped to 90% health and were losing 2% health each day while the 3rd with the old firmware stayed around 97%.

Just saying don’t let WD sit there and say that updating the firmware fixes the issue. I also recommend using WD Dashboard to check the drives then WD Customer Support can’t argue about the health of the drives.

I have been having lots of issues with the WD Blue SA 510 drives as well. I have purchased at least 60 over the last year, Most of them back in August. One failed in a month, completely dead. Then one more failed in December. I came back after the new year and at least 7 or 8 more have failed completely. I sent one back for warranty repair, replacement but that took over a month. Now I have 10 PC’s that don’t work and I am suspecting they will all fail eventually. WD, what’s the word?