Re: WD Caviar Blue SATA 160GB hangs

In fact it DOES very much sound like a hardware issue.

I’ve never seen this issue affect so many ppl & apparently be ignored by the manufacturer.

I also have this problem, along with so many other ppl if you run searches on Google it’s not funny.

I’m using Win XP Pro SP2 and to add…

  • The issue happens even in Safe Mode.

  • The issue happens even on a newly-formatted system

  • The issue will happen when burning, playing games, surfing the web, recording audio, at ‘rest’ and the list goes on.

It’s even happening to a friend using Linux, so it’s OS-independent and definately a hardware issue with these drives!

Basically, the best thing i can put it down to is the drive cache / Windows Paging file write.

I will never buy another WD Green drive…but if you do, do NOT even consider using one as a boot / root drive as this is were the problems kick off from - as a secondary drive it doesn’t seem to affect things so much.

Sorry i should add, this is a WD5000AADS-00S drive i’m using, my problems only started the minute i made the mistake of using this as a boot drive.

Would be good if WD would actually answer this themselves methinks?