WD Black SN850X disappears from both Disk Management and BIOS after restart

My drive worked good last night, speeds were only half as advertised but eh whatever. Now today, I get on my PC and see the drive is gone from BIOS, and disk management.

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check Windows Event Viewer.

I don’t see that error anywhere.

Same problem here! The disk was gone on my sons PC (Tomahawk B550).
Restart didn’t help, but if I turned off/on the PSU it got back.
Slow as :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: too…
Latest firmware!
I read that it has problems if it’s not on the same lane as the cpu!?
But since no other of the 20 sth M.2 disks I’ve mounted have had that problem it’s up to WD to fix it. Until then I won’t buy this slug again.

Same issue here WD are not good. I wouldn’t buy another WD until they fix that.
And the support page give error.