WD Black SN850 1TB stop working and freezes until restart

Hi, I bought this new unit and installed it in my computer, since I installed windows in it it freezes after a couple of hours of use and gives a blue screen.
I reinstalled windows in another unit and I used this hard disk as a secondary one and this after a couple of hours of use remains disconnected and I cannot use it again until I restart the computer.
Does anyone know a solution?

BSOD is usually a bad driver somewhere

Have you installed the MB chipset driver?

Yes, I update all motherboard controllers to latest versions.
BIOS is updated too.
Currently I get it to fail almost instantly when playing some game.

There is a dutch article on Tweakers.net which states there is a firmware bug in version 611100WD.

It seems WD has it fixed in firmware 611110WD, but it is not released to the public.


Good idea for everyone to get the WD SSD dashboard tool which can find firmware updates.

Yes so is there already an update available?

Surprise: There is no firmware update available yet!

Nope too bad. Its still the old version 611100WD (instead of 611110WD) firmware.

@WD_Admin Please update!?

Update available, testing now :slight_smile: thanks

Update firmware dont fix to me, take more time to crash but windows turn down with unexpected storage exception.

I have requested a refund, after almost 2 weeks waiting for a solution.

Having the same issue. I recently purchased WD SN850 2TB. It is not working on my laptop.

I cannot even boot into bios. My laptop boots to the logo animation and then nothing happens. Removing WD and inserting the old drive restores everything to normal. I am able to use the NVME in an external enclosure and working fine but not in my laptop where I intend to use and purchased for. I have updated the firmware also to the latest through the NVME enclosure.

I have a very high-end laptop - Asus ROG Zeyphrus S17 - GX701GXR . Please help me with this. I read online there are plenty of others too facing the same issue with different motherboards and laptops. Looking forward to a quick fix for the same. Very highly disappointed.

Latest firmware is 613000WD

exact same issue here, happens on X570 motherboards and older X99 Intel motherboards… This might be the last WD product I ever buy