WD_BLACK SN850 - Unsupported Driver?

Disk: SN850
Mainboard: MSI X299 XPower Gaming AC

After opening up Dashboard I became this message:

Any input on how to fix this?

Already trying for days to use this SSD as Bootdevice with WIN10 fresh on it…

Hi @DonutSamurai,

Please refer the following link to redownload the dashboard:

Hello @Keerti_01
Tried the link and redownloaded it. It did not change anything.
The same Error Message is popping up.
I decided to return it as fast as possible cuase it has been giving me headaches for days now.
The SSD cant be booted neither by Legacy/BIOS nor UEFi with Win10 Installed on it.
Tried many ideas and soultions but none worked. I truly belive that I have received a malfunctioned disk.

Also Details here: