Help! WD Black SN750 wont install Windows 10


Im having trouble installing Win10 on this SSD. Ive got a fairly old motherboard so Ive used a PCI adapter. The drive shows in windows my pc and i can use it but when i try to install windows, it says windows cant be installed but goes through the installation process anyway.

When this is finished and it would normally reboot into the OS on the drive, it reboots back to my uefi usb and wants to start the whole process again.

I think theres some conflict between the drive and the mother board as I cant get the drive to appear as a bootable item. Perhaps im missing a driver?

I believe my motherboard bios is up to date AMI P11-A4 so now im stumped!

Can anyone advise?

I have the same issue. My bios is set to EFI boot and I wondering if I’ll need to supply the EFI driver within install for the BIOS to recognize the installation, instead of exhibit the same that Lazarus1 is experiencing. Annoyed.