New WD_Black SN850 showing black screen when installed with another m.2 with an OS

So, here’s the issue…

Got a new WD_Black SN850 NVMe 1TB m.2 SSD (yeah mentioned the whole thing :slight_smile: )
I already have a Samsung 870 EVO Plus 500GB m.2 with Win 11 installed in one m.2 slot on my Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro MB, which has support for 2 x m.2 Gen 3 slots.

I’ve checked, both slots are working fine. So, when I connect the new SN850 to use as an extended drive for installing games etc. I just get a blank screen upon starting the system. No boot screen, nothing. Can’t even get into the BIOS.
This is the case when my Samsung SSD is already in one slot. But if I remove the Samsung one and just install the WD one, am able to boot into the BIOS, and the drive is getting detected. I have swapped m.2 slots to see if that would help, but nope.

Am at a loss as to what to do here. Tried contacting support but as is the case with most of them, they took me through steps that I can’t even do. Do not want to install any OS on the SN850, just use as a drive to dump data on.

FYI, I’ve checked and yes, even though its a Gen 4 drive it is Gen 3 (backwards) compatible.

Any help would be gladly appreciated :slight_smile:

Guys have found the solution myself. If any of you are facing the same problem then follow the below steps.

  1. Create a bootable usb, disc etc. of Win 10/11

  2. Insert/ install only the new drive on the MB (remove any other connected storage devices)

  3. Change to boot from your previously created bootable drive in your boot menu

  4. Accept all prompts for the OS installation till disk partition window, then format the new SSD from that window

  5. Exit and close out from installation (not need to install the OS)

  6. Install the other SSD with OS. Select your old SSD as the boot option in the “boot priority selection” screen

  7. System should now boot into the OS

  8. Launch Disk Management tool in the OS

  9. Create a simple volume of the unallocated space of the new SSD from the tool

  10. Assign a drive letter and boom, your drive will show up and you can use it normally :slight_smile:

  11. WD support, take note. Please don’t just say install into another pc and check (doesn’t help).

Hope this helps. Thanks :slight_smile: