WD Black Hit 59oC in an *open case* during load, ran 57oC in idle for half an hour, should I RMA?

Hi guys,

I just bought a new WD Black 3TB in from new egg. I was running some Database SQL I/O on it and monitoring the temperature using smart. The drive hit 59oC at load and my case was open and room temperature is around 18oC. I had to stop out of fear of damaging the drive and won’t do anything till I have a fan on it. Here’s the kicker though, it’s been 40min since I pulled the plug on the SQL op and it’s still idling at 57oC. This is nuts. All my other drives are idle at 40oC and don’t go over 50oC (when the case is CLOSED), so it can’t be my ventilation setup. Are you guys getting temperatures like this on these drives? Is this normal or should I RMA this one?

Hi there,

You can try to run some diagnostics on the drive to see if there is any problem with it. You can use DLG, please check on the following link and you will be able to download the software from there: