WD_BLACK 8TB D10 Game Drive over 60°C, fan not turning on!

Hi, I bought the WD_BLACK 8TB D10 Game Drive.
While copying files it reached 60°C!!! Right now it’s 61°C!!! In IDLE too 60°C (no HDD power save mode)!
The fan on the back is still not running!!! Is the HDD or Fan defect? What’s the temperature where the fan should start? Maybe over 70°C while the HDD dies?

I added a external fan to get this HDD to ~50°C. But that’s not a long-term solution.
My external Seagate 8 TB HDD (5400 Rpm) is only 50°C in Copy/IDLE (no power save mode).

Someone else with similar issues?

Whether it’s a flash drive, hard disk drive or any other storage device, all are electronic products and equally uncertain in life. Overheating of any storage drive is more severe than we think. Every storage drive has a minimum and maximum operating temperature. Any change in the internal or external temperature significantly affects the drive performance and life. Anything below or above the ideal temperature can have a bad impact on the drive and can lead to the various issues.

To know more about the issues & how you can fix this, I suggest you to check out the below link:

Hope it will help.

Thx, but it seems an issue of the Black D10 Series. The HDD is new and stands on my desk. It has enoght space for cooling. I also dont understand why the fan in the back never turns on. 60°C+ and it was off :confused:
Maybe this fan could reduce the temp ~5-10°C if it works.
I also cant control this fan via the WesternDigital Deashboard. :frowning:

same issue here, in idle and 21-23 grd C room tem,p, drive stays in around 60C. What I have noticed that its internal fan starts automatically when the temp reached 63C, and stops at 59C. I have opened up a case at WD site, but they sad it is operating in normal temp! as long as it is <65C it is ok from their side apparently.
However, from my point of view, since the drive has active cooling, an option to control this fan would using an app would have been welcomed, and we-the customers-to have decision for additional cooling setpoint. Yes, although the small fan (4cm) is so noisy, I would have run it to keep much lower temps.