WD_BLACK D10 Game fan not work

I bought this hard disk in January approximately and for almost two months the fan does not turn on, it feels very hot and the disk is making very loud reading noises.

what should I do ?

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same issue here, in idle and 21-23 grd C room tem,p, drive stays in around 60C. What I have noticed that its internal fan starts automatically when the temp reached 63C, and stops at 59C. I have opened up a case at WD site, but they sad it is operating in normal temp! as long as it is <65C it is ok from their side apparently.
However, from my point of view, since the drive has active cooling, an option to control this fan would using an app would have been welcomed, and we-the customers-to have decision for additional cooling setpoint. Yes, although the small fan (4cm) is so noisy, I would have run it to keep much lower temps.
Since you are using it to a NAS, you could place the drive behind the NAS fan, to have some cooling. I did the same, it is a lot cooler

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