Brand new WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive running hot

I have just bought a WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive to use as a backup for my NAS unit. It is running at 50 degrees Centigrade at idle and the cooling fan is not on. Is this normal or is the fan faulty? My other external Seagate drive which is fanless runs at 40 degrees Centigrade when data is transferring to it.

50 deg is normal, the fan turn ON when it get to like 60 deg and the unit would shutdown if unit get to like 70+ degree or something like that

Thanks for the info. Not sure if I am happy with a drive that runs that hot in normal use.

Well, it is up to you, I use the Game drive meanly for my Xbox One, I would never thing of using it for NAS backup. Where lots of data transfer all the time. Since you case using it for NAS backup you should consider buy like WD Element Desktop which cost less then the Game drive.