WD Backup won't install

WD Backup program will not install. The drive shows up in my E drive, and I can drag & drop or copy and paste, but I won’t have the ability to backup automatically.
More info: When I try to install WD Backup, when it is about 3/4 done (blue indicator), a window comes up that says Setup your first backup. I click on Back up Files, and it goes to Discovering Devices, and then it says " No backup targets found, and a button that says Rescan. I’ve done that about 20 times, and it finds nothing. WD Utilities and WD Security installed without a hitch.

It’s hard to figure out your problem since you don’t say which WD Device you own and are trying to backup to. Did you check to see if WD Backup works with your WD Device?

WD Backup

I have the My Passport Ultra. It won’t work, because WD Backup will not install. It freezes about 3/4 through the installation. I have tried downloading the latest version of the program to no avail. It still freezes. I have deleted everything, and started over. NOW the drive isn’t visible on my computer. It was when I installed it the first time; but as I said, installing WD Backup will not complete.

Gary Brown

Same as mine here. It happen when i trying to install in latest window 10.

Same here after upgrading to Win10 version 2004.