WD Backup Not Installing

I have two computers. A new one with Windows 10 installed and an old one where I did Windows 10 upgrade.
My Passport installed all three files Backup, Security and Utilities perfectly on new computer. Icons are on start page.
They work. I was able to handle this easily.
But the old computer will only install Security and Utilities. (Icons on home screen) but will not install WD Backup.
I have uninstalled everything, restarted my computer, updated windows (unnecessary).
But it still won’t install WD Backup.
What’s the problem? I use Norton Cloud backup right now, but trying to get off the cloud.

I have the same issue. WD Backup will not install on a PC running Windows 10.

I ran the Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter (which found some corrupt patch registry keys) and the System File Checker Tool (“Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations”). Then tried to install WD Backup again – it still doesn’t install.

Any other ideas?

What version of Windows 10 are you using?

Windows 10 Home. Version 1607

Windows 10 Pro; Version 1607; OS Build 14393.693

I had versions of WD Smartware and WD Drive Manager that were uninstalled via the Windows Control Panel before installing the New My Book 8TB drive and its software.

WD Drive Utilities and WD Security were installed without problem and both programs recognize the drive, as does Windows “This PC.” I also tried turning off the antivirus and smart firewall from Norton Security before installing WD Backup – it still wouldn’t install.

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I tried the same thing with Norton. Turned off firewall. Do you have Morton cloud backup running?

Norton … sorry not Morton.

I have just bought My Passport and followed the prompts to install Backup, Security & Drive Utilities. Exactly the same has happened to me. Security & Drive Utilities have loaded fine, but Backup will not install. Have you solved the problem please and if so what did you do?

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WD Support: No, esa respuesta no soluciona nada. Ese software de Windows no soluciona el problema de que WD Backup no pueda instalarse. ¡¡¡ RESULTA IMPOSIBLE INSTALAR WD BACKUP !!!

Same problem here, and the posted solution did nothing.

Same here for latest Windows 10, 1809. All other WD products install and work fine, just WD Backup doesn’t. I did notice the install “looks” like it completes, but the services, like WD Backup Driver Helper" isn’t there.
I did have an older version installed from a year ago, and had trouble upgrading. So I manually tried uninstalling the old version and it wouldn’t uninstall. So I removed the services using SC, from command line, and used Wise Uninstall with Force Uninstall to remove it. Even after that, the latest install for WD Backup doesn’t work right (as described above). I tired the Install repairs as described but it didn’t help.

I have same problem.
All utilities are installed except WD Backup.
I searched for a solution but after 5 hours I gave up. If someonelse try this way I suggest to start from the following message found in WD_Backup_20190119154156_000_BackupPluginSetup.log file:

MSI (s) (3C:90) [15:42:01:769]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSI1F63.tmp, Entrypoint: ConfigureComPlusInstall
Action start 15:42:01: ConfigureComPlusInstall.
ConfigureComPlusInstall: Error 0x8004e00f: Failed to get collection
ConfigureComPlusInstall: Error 0x8004e00f: Failed to get partitions collection
ConfigureComPlusInstall: Error 0x8004e00f: Failed to get partitions collection
ConfigureComPlusInstall: Error 0x8004e00f: Failed to get applications collection
ConfigureComPlusInstall: Error 0x8004e00f: Failed to find collection object for application
ConfigureComPlusInstall: Error 0x8004e00f: Failed to verify applications
CustomAction ConfigureComPlusInstall returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)

I’m very disappointed about this problem. Since 1 year I use WD Backup at the end of every working day. Yesterday my PC broke. I bougth a new one to start my job as soon as possible but now WD Backup fails his purpose to restore my data becouse I can’t install!

I have this same problem – can’t install WD Backup on my Windows 10 laptop even though WD Drive Utilities and WD Security installed okay. For some reason, WD Backup can’t find its own drive. Was this problem finally resolved???

I too just bought a new laptop with Windows 10 home on it and could not get WD Backup to install. I had the exact same error messages that “FiloTheOriginal” posted" in my version of the WD_Backup_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_000_BackupPluginSetup.log file.
Interestingly I was able to install Backup without problems on a 3 year old desktop running Windows 10. Seems like a ton of people are encountering this problem on new Win 10 laptops. Has anyone found a solution yet?

I have the same problem with a new laptop running Windows 10. WD Backup seems to be installing, and when I try to backup, it cannot find the WD drive. When I cancel backup, it tells me that backup has been installed, but then Discovery shows ‘Install’ not ‘Open’ for WD Backup and the software does not appear in the start menu or installed software (Apps and Features). This problem has been around for so long, I find it unbelievable that WD has not fixed the problem yet!


My problem seems worst. I can’t run or install the WD softwares anymore. I am also running on Windows 10.

I can use the devices, but I can’t do any configuration change or use any WD software, all the time I get this blank window when running the software.