WD Backup failure to install on My Passport

I am activating my new WDBS4B0020BBL My Passport. The WD Drive Utilities and WD Security apps installed just fine but the WD Backup will not install after umpteen tries. Does anyone have a solution? I need your help!

Hi rcaonWDcom,

You can install the latest version of WD Backup from WD Support site.

Hi Brandon. Thanks for responding to my request for help. Unfortunately the process you described is exactly what I did many times with the same disappointing results, ie that it could not fine the WD backup drive. I have had a couple of phone sessions with WD support and one long phone session with technical support. None of the people were able to fix the problem. Currently the tech team is still looking into it.

No one has suggested that the drive is bad. They were able to download a system image backup to the Passport drive using the built-in backup feature on Windows 10, but I want the WD system as it was advertised. It’s just what I need. I can not determine by reading all the WD Community postings if this is a systemic problem with this new drive affecting all of the WDBS4B My Passports out there. It does seem that there were a lot of people that had the same problem but no one defined the fix, if indeed there is one. I’m totally surprised with that, but even more surprised that WD hasn’t determined a fix and pushed it out to all the purchasers of this model Passport.

Meanwhile I’ll keep monitoring the WD Community and waiting for WD to come through. Thanks again for your response.

Hi rcaonWDcom,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. This issue has been escalated to Engineering Team for further review and possible duplication. Our Support Team will get back to you once we have response from them. We appreciate your patience and understanding. For further query or concern, please contact us via phone or email from below mentioned contact details.