My Passport won't install

Just bought a My Passport 4TB for Windows 10 64bit PC (with latest 21H1 update). Plugged it in. Got prompt “Install Western Digital Software for Windows”. Download runs fast, so does Extract, but Installing only gets to 45% before terminating and sending message "Installation Failed - we are experiencing issues. Please try again later. " No quick installation guide enclosed. Any ideas how to get this thing running, please? Have tried repeatedly. (I also have an old 500GB Passport which runs without any problem).

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Please be informed that My Passport is a plug-and-play drive and does not require any software to run the drive.

Please refer to the following KBA article for connecting an external Hard Drive to a computer

Logan –

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t understand why my PC insisted on trying to install the Passport software on day 1 but didn’t on day 2, but it’s working OK now. On day 2, the Control Panel first said it didn’t recognise the device, but accepted it when asked to look for a new “disk”. Guess even PCs get shy sometimes…

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I just got a new WD My Passport 5TB. It came with no instructions. When I plugged in the USB and went to File Explorer (Windows), there was an “Install Western Digital Software for Windows.exe” file. When I run the file, it installs up to 18% then freezes for hours. I tried again and now it keeps saying “install failed, retry”. Why is there a software installation file if you say there is no software to install? I am disappointed that I am unable to install the exe software file. The device manager shows a yellow triangle and states “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28).” If I can’t get this running I will return it.


HEY Gem Gal did u find any solution to this problem. My installation also got stuck at 18% . What should i don now. Its still at 18%.i havent unplugged it yet.

GemGal and Saqib_wani have you been able to get the install past 18%. I’m stuck there too.

EDIT - I was able to install. I checked the updates on the computer then restarted. Checked updates again then restarted. When the computer was current I installed again and it worked.

Hey PLambuth. Mine was also stuck and i waited for 1-2 hrs while it was stuck but it didnt resume. So while it was stuck, i went to task manager (Crtl+Alt+Delete) and ended the task for WD installation. And then ejected the drive. Then i plugged in the drive once again and started to install the exe file once again. This time it wont stuck and installed properly.
If it wont solve ur problem then i suggest u to go to the C drive (programme files and app data and common files and user local) and delete all the files naming WD. And then try reinstallation.

Hope this will solve ur problem.

Yeah. So the classic problem is updates. Check the app, update them, and then you will be able to install Windows and get the passport. I have a funny story, the first time I bought the new Windows, I was required to show my ID, which turned out it was false. I cannot imagine how this is possible, as I am a registered, legal citizen living normally with all documents in original form. Once I left my id at the police station, and I think they changed my ID with a false one. I recommend everyone to check documents occasionally. You could do prison because of that. I do it with a check id scanner for my driver’s license, passport, and ID.

I had a similar issue. External HDD arrives with,
“Install Western Digital Software for Mac” &
“Install Western Digital Software for Windows”

I was hoping this was the “encryption” software,
as per my other External HDD. I’ve no idea what they do.

Google, “wd security for windows”


Download, “WD Security for Windows”
This application allows you to encrypt and assign a password onto
the Western Digital External HDD.

It also allows to change the password.
I deleted the two files that arrives within the ext. HDD
(no point to keep them).

NB Type your password in a document and save it.
You can copy and paste the password into the application.
(If you type directly, there is no unhide to see what has been typed)

Good Luck.

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Sorry to hear about the trouble with your new My Passport. I recently faced the same issue, so I totally get frustration when things don’t work as expected. Have you considered reaching out to customer support for the product? They might have some helpful solutions to get your My Passport up and running smoothly.
I was browsing online for solutions, and I found fake ID restoration techniques. It’s fascinating to see how creative people can be. Besides, in some cases, it can be helpful. But I’d like to remind everyone to use any techniques responsibly and within the bounds of the law.

My Passport doesn’t install. How I can fix that?

My Passport 2 won’t mount. I’ve tried to plug it in different outlets on my MacMini but no good. The MPM mounts fine however. What am I doing wrong?

i think many failures can be solved may be by running the pre-installed WD software that is failing as an administrator. Right click the file and select run as administrator.