My Passport won't install

Just bought a My Passport 4TB for Windows 10 64bit PC (with latest 21H1 update). Plugged it in. Got prompt “Install Western Digital Software for Windows”. Download runs fast, so does Extract, but Installing only gets to 45% before terminating and sending message "Installation Failed - we are experiencing issues. Please try again later. " No quick installation guide enclosed. Any ideas how to get this thing running, please? Have tried repeatedly. (I also have an old 500GB Passport which runs without any problem).


Please be informed that My Passport is a plug-and-play drive and does not require any software to run the drive.

Please refer to the following KBA article for connecting an external Hard Drive to a computer

Logan –

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t understand why my PC insisted on trying to install the Passport software on day 1 but didn’t on day 2, but it’s working OK now. On day 2, the Control Panel first said it didn’t recognise the device, but accepted it when asked to look for a new “disk”. Guess even PCs get shy sometimes…

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