Installation Problems

I have an ASUS laptop that I updated to Windows 10 and just bought a My Passport Ultra with Automatic Back up on it. When running the installation software It asked if I wanted to download the latest update and I clicked “yes”, while it is downloading, it stops at the very end and I get this message
so I click “OK” and then the “next” button won’t work so I have to use the “skip” button to skip the updates and continue with the installation. When it reaches the last screen there is a red “X” beside the WD Quick View ( I am assuming it didn’t install it). The next screen asks “What do you want to do next?” and I click on " Back up files with WD Backup" but none of the option buttons on this screen work at all so I click “Finish”.
I tried to go into the apps folder that is on the drive and run the back up from there and when it comes to the screen to select the WD storage device is says there isn’t one. I retry and nothing… So I ejected the passport and plugged it directly into the USB port on my laptop instead of the USB Hub and run the installation again and all of the above still occurs. I REALLY need this back up software. My last Passport was wiped clean when I accidentally left it plugged into my laptop while updating to Windows 10, it has taken FOREVER to recover all of my files. HELP PLEASE!!!


I recommend you contact WD support directly for assistance with this issue.