WD Backup Setup fails to load

New Passport Ultra 3TB did not load the WD Backup Setup during the install. Both the Utility and Security Apps loaded without incident, but the Backup Application did not. Backup Application does not recognize any target device (My Passport Ultra), I prefer not to use Dropbox.
I have a Windows7 software.

Did you try re-installing the software? Are you able to manually copy files into your hard drive for testing?

Thanks for the suggestions - we think alike…
First thing I did was attempt to re-install the software. Actually tried four or five times with the same result. Both the Utility and Security apps installed perfectly while the “Backup Setup” did not install in any of the attempts.
I also as able to copy files over to the hard drive manually with no issues. I would like to use the automatic “backup” software for ease of use.

Hi. I have a Windows Vista Home system and encountered the same issue. WD Backup did not load. Other components loaded.