WD Backup - Select Location for Backup Files

I back up a 3 PCs to a removeable HDD drive. How can I choose the location and folder for each PC to save them in??
So I know where to look for the appropriate back up file.


Have you given your HDD a name? Have you given each folder a different name that is on the HDD?

I have three computers but since the information is about the same on each I only back up my desktop computer. It has all the programs I use and other data that needs backing up.

I currently have a WDMYCLOUD 1st generation that I back my desktop to. I have a share on it that I back up to. If I did want to back up the other computers, I would create another share and use the same address except for the share name.

Yes. Drive X Backup. And I have folders but WD seems to create its own.
I would like to be able to create a folder and direct the back up into that.
Often software enables one to select a custom location. WDB should have the same.

There is a difference between what you are doing and what I am doing. My computer and WDMYCLOUD stay on 24/7 and my backup takes place once a week.

This image shows what I am using to back up my desktop computer. I use Backup and Restore (Windows 7). You may want to try it, if you have Windows.

Aah Windows backup, not WD Backup. I’ll look at W11, but I don’t want to use the Cloud. Local HDD only.

I don’t use the Cloud either. I use my WDMYCLOUD. It’s the first generation and is only on my home network.