EasyStore backup issues

I backed up 4 PCs where I use the same userid account Raymond.
When I try to figure out what backup is for what PC Name it is very difficult.
I use the same directory structure on all four PCs, SaveAll.

Does anyone know how to have the PC Name used by the WD Backup?

Backups of four PCs stores in “WDBackup.swstor” folder with default PC name. Default name is the name provided to that specific computer by the user.

“//:WDBackup.swstor >> : //‘Default Computer Name’ >> Users’”.

Here is my issue in detail:
3 computers
User name on each computer is raymond
Computer names are raymond01, raymond02, raymond03.

The directory name being assigned by WD is raymond for each computer’s directory.

Why didn’t it use my computer name? i.e. raymond01, etc.

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