Use of WD Backup for multiple computers

Hi, I am trying to backup mutliple computers (‘HomePC’ & ‘WorkPC’) to a single drive (‘MyBook’) using WD Backup, is this possible?

Current Setup:

  • MyBook connected to WorkPC by USB ( M:\ )
  • WorkPC’s ‘M:\’ drive is shared to the local WiFi network
  • HomePC maps this as a network drive


  • HomePC is not able to use this mapped network drive in WD Backup for backing up

Is this possible? I am having trouble getting this to work

Curious…I have 2 passports backing up 1 pc.

  • you would need the Backup utility to be loaded on each machine. I guess the Discovery one too.
  • if both utilities can actually see the External drive that is directly connected and the one thru the network then this would be great. If not, then there might be an issue with WD not seeing the network drive thru the software…I’m only guessing.
  • try to create a backup schedule from each machine onto that attached external drive.
  • I’m guessing if it will not configure, then there is some other issue…but you might have already tried this, or something like this. You don’t have to actually Backup Now, just set it up.
  • be careful when choosing the files to back up…whether its personal stuff + work, or if you are trying to protect the whole PC should it fail…file sizes get quite different.