Backing up multiple computers on a 4tb passport

I just bought the passport to back up 2 laptops and one desktop. After backing up on laptop, with the files kept on the Passport, when I attached the passport to the next laptop, I wasn’t given the option to backup files. Is it possible to backup more than one PC?

Hi edward,

The simple answer is Yes, it is possible.

First though open WD Backup, or WD Smartware if that is what you used and select Help either down in the lower Left or at the top. Get familiar with what you can do. What they don’t cover too well is that you can partition the backup drive into multiple ones and use a separate partition for each computer, or even multiple drives on each computer.

So for your 2 laptops and 1 desktop use Disk Management to define a partition with names matching you computer names. Now when you open WD Backup or even WD Smartware, you will find each partition listed and you can define your backups for each. I have four partitions going on WD Backup and at one time I had even more on WD Smartware.

To avoid some other problems avoid using Windows to find what is backed up. Instead use the Restore tab in WD Backup to view the structure and files on your backup drive. The actual structure of the folders and files is very complex.


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In this post it isindicated that you can back up multiple machines on one WD My Passport drive. But I havent tested yet.