WD Backup Restore is crawwwwwwling

Been utilizing WD Backup for local backups (I also use an offline service), and had to reformat my large RAID 5 array. No big deal, I though, as I have a local backup on my 4TB EasyStore drive.

Ugh… I kicked of my just under 4TB data restore early Friday morning, and it’s now Monday afternoon, and the restore is only 24% complete. This is ridiculous! Now trying to decide if I should stop it to change something (the drive is currently connected through a powered USB 3.0 hub, so wondering if that’s having an impact on transfer rates) and either restart, or try to continue where it roughly stops at. Or whether I should go ahead and order a USB drive from my offline backup service to hopefully speed things up.

Has anyone else experienced super slow restores with WD Backup?

Well my My Cloud Home was the slowest backup I’ve ever seen. It took, I’m not kidding, a couple of months to backup my photo library - and directly copying a couple of TB of movies from a USB3 drive took something like 3 or 4 days.

So not a particularly helpful answer, sorry - but I definitely have shared your pain.