WD My Book Essential - really slow back up!

Hi there

I am trying to back up my PC to an external 2TB drive I’ve had for a year or so… 

As far as I know the software seems to be acting correctly but it seems to be taking ages and ages to do a backup… I’ve had it going for 3 days but still it’s chugging along… If I go into ADVANCED VIEW and un-tick all the boxes except one then after a long while then that one completes…  Currently they are all ticked and the progress chart is “active” but it’s not actually progressing and is on 89.62GB of 116.33GB… I’m suspicious it only works when I’m not using the PC or there is a delay before it starts… Or something like that.

Can someone help?


Hello and welcome to the WD community

What type of files are you tryng to backup ? Also would like to know if you have your drive connected on USB 2.0 or 3.0.

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Thanks for getting back to me…  Really appreciate it…

I’ve just asked it to back up everything i.e Documents, Mail, Movies, Music, Other and Pictures These are the options it’s telling me I have…)

Other, Movies and Music have finished but the remaining aren’t… At one stage this afternoon it was backing up at about 20MB/second for about 2GB but then it has stopped again… I currently have 95.98 GB of 116 GB copied. …

Regarding USB ports - I thought that might be the case but am pretty sure all my USB ports are 2.0. Is there a way I can check or are 3.0 ports a different shape perhaps?

Thanks again


Can anyone help?