WD APP - watch Movies


I do have a 2nd Generation cloud and would like to watch movies on the iPad App provided by WD.

Unfortunately the app does not allow this (ie. is telling me that the format is wrong). It works fine with all the apps (VLC player etc).

Is there a setting / upgrade / update that I have to perform to enable me to watch / stream movies which are one my NAS over the internet on the WD App?

Hints, suggestions or proposal are more than welcome :slight_smile:

Kind regards

There are many different video formats. Some devices or apps can play more types than others. The iPad (and WD app) has a limited list of formats it can play. I have converted many of my videos to mp4 format and they will play. VLC has a wider range of formats it can play, so you can try installing the VLC mobile app on your iPad and see if the videos will play, or you can convert videos to mp4 for playing on the iPad. This will require research to learn how to do this.

If you are not averse to the idea, you may want to consider using a video file converter. There are lots of them available ranging from free to costly professional tools. Just Google video converter. (note: if you decide to venture into the video format conversion world, in video jargon the word “envelope” and “file format” mean essentially the same thing.)

Note: I’m new so if this post is out of the expected skill/knowledge expectations of this group in either direction, please give me a heads-up.

OOPS: I have already made a typical newbie mistake… replying to a year-old topic…sorry!