How to play videos

Hi there!

I want to watch videos in format like… mkv. Can I do so? 

I have tried to watch video through WD My Cloud but it doesn’t work. I know that I can install some application on my Cloud and it will provide me an opportunity to watch videos. 

I forgot to say that I want to see .MKV on iPad when I am not at home.

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At this moment iOS does not feature native support for .MKV files, and as such the WD My Cloud application will be unable to open them. As a general rule, WD My Cloud will only play the music/movie files your iOS device can play without additional apps from the Apple App Store.

As cool as an iPad is, it cannot easily play an mkv file; especially remotely.  What I and many others do is make mp4 files of my favorite videos from the mkv file using Handbrake.  Even these files can have problems playing remotely if there is a weak link in the internet chain.  So, many are getting a wireless HD like WD My Passport Wireless drives to put our music, photos and mp4 videos onto so we can stream them using My Cloud app to iPads/phones without any internet involvement.  A hard drive for your tablet and phone.

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