WD Access, Mac does not recognize me 2 Nas EX2 EX2 and Ultra


Good I remember that I think was updated recently WD management software Access, and now I units appear.

Now if I have two NAS off, to activate the units have to disconnect and connect the power, when he once did from the bar Mac, and accessing WD Access, any idea or solution.

Thank you.

WD MyCloud Ex2 Ultra cannot be found by WD Access App


I recommend you contact WD support directly for assistance with this issue.


By golly, thinking that had erased the previous update, today I saw by chance on another disk, you usually use with laptop. I uninstalled the new or latest version, installed the previous one, and award the first.

I already have two NAS available in the bar Mac, and to pull them from there.

The WD Access version was

If someone has a similar problem, let me know, and get on Dropbox or similar.

Thank you all.


Same problem here. Returned to the old version.

The disk is another , wd my cloud mirror.

It seems that WD made a bad compilation missing some drivers. What I found surprising is that this is happening for more than 1 month and WD did not update the situation. The test team is not doing a good job!


Did anyone figure out this problem?


yep I do have the same problem. I don’t have the previous version of wd access. If anyone does that would be nice.



Here is the link to the good and functional version


Thanks very much. Installed it and it works perfectly. Recognises both drives.
WD…, maybe worth looking at the latest release of access.
Thanks again xavihs


A pleasure.