WD 3TB Green 64MB Cache

Just tried using the new hd i got and it doesnt work or even show up on Windows Vista Ultimate. :frowning: ive tried searching for updates and nothing works but i hear the HD kick on when i open my case but cant access it in windows any advice? i am going to  use it for backups and not for a boot drive if that helps.

Hi well does the drive show up in bios. Do you have vista 64 bit or 32 bit. What motherboard are you using these 3 tb drives want to use EUFI which is a new form of bios. Post back your specs and we can see if it will work.

no it doesnt i have the EVGA 780i SLI board and Vista 32 but if the hard drive was going to work i was going to install my Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate

Hi well the first thing is we have to get bios to see the drive did you check for a bios update I see there’s one from 2009 but to be honest it will be hard to get that drive to work on a older MB. Also if you don’t have the EUFi bios on the MB it can never be used as a boot drive. So I am quite sure if you installed 64 bit win 7 on your older Hard drive once installed  it should see the drive and you could use it as a slave drive it would have to be partitioned with a gpt format as its a Advanced format drive with 4 k sectors. Also green drives are not recommended for boot drives as they are slow. Now where are you checking to see if vista can see the hd in disk management I hope because it may see the drive but it needs to be formatted and made active first. 

Yes i have the latest updates from EVGA for the board. and i have Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate right now installed on my other HD ( WD 1TB). i will remove vista and put Win7 64bit Ultimate on the 1TB but i tried Disk management and it wouldnt pick it up. and i know my motherboard has the EUFI evga confirmed that. and WD site said i dont need to do any updates to Partition the new Hard drive. I have 3 Hard drives right now 2 are hooked up and was wanting to hook the 3TB up also (system can  hold 4 HD) but i booted from my Win7 HD and it still didnt pick it up. One Hard Drive has Vista(1TB) the Other HD has Win7 on it. ive tried both and none see it. and i tried the update (i think i got the right one from WD site) but it didnt do anything. just hope nothing is wrong with the hard drive. i put my buddies in my comp and Vista picked it up right away so not sure whats wrong. (Well fixed 1 thing… BIOS does see it now but windows doesnt. For bios to see it i removed most recent update to the one right before it and it sees the new HD but windows wont detect it and i am going to use the new HD for just backups… Thanks

When i format the new drive is it going to wipe out my other hd’s i have connected? or just the one i use to run the tool?

Hi well it is always best to disconnect any drives before you install a os on a new drive. If you are using it as a slave it should only do that new drive as long as its selected for the format.