WD Caviar Green SATA Hard Drive 1 TB not reconized by board K8VM800MAE

Hi everybody.

I have a Acer Computer Aspire T135 with a mother board K8VM800MAE and a Sata hard disk Seagate Barracuda 720.7 160 Gbytes.
This hard disk begins to show problems and I have bought a WD Caviar Green SATA Hard Drive 1 TB to replace it.

Unfortunately, the BIOS doesn’t see it, even if I connect it in the place of the Barracuda.

 I don’t think it is a problem of the WD hard disk because there is no problem when I use it with a Sata-USB adapter (I have been able du format it and create several partitions).

Is there somebody able to help me ?



Hello Mate,

You need to find out if your computer supports a 1 TB drive, because if the previous drive was a 160GB I don’t think it will support 1 TB. That’s something you need to find out with your computer manufacturer.

Your K8VM800MAE motherboard has a VIA VT8237R controller which is unable to see drives faster than 1.5Gbps.


Well, thank you.

If I understand, I have 2 choices:

  • I replace the mother board,

  • I replace my SATA disk by a IDE one.

You could install a PCI SATA card.

Will it be possible to boot on the disk if connected on the PCI SATA card ?

Green drives are not made to be used as boot drives. So you should not replace your Windows HD with a green drive. They keep shutting off when not in use and this causes all sorts of problems. Also the Greenies only have a 2-year warranty, showing WD doesn’t put much trust in them. You should return the hard drive and replace it with a Caviar Black, probably one of the 750s.

Thank’s, I didn’t know that.
I don’t think this will resolve my problem: green or black, my ‘old’ bios will not reconize this fast disk.
Do I mistake ?