Just purchased a 1TB WD Caviar Green internal HD...not being recognized

I definitely don’t consider myself a hardware guru…in fact, I know very little. However, I can understand how to install a hard drive internally, and have done it twice before.

However, this brand new HD just isn’t being recognized. The power and SATA cables are connected…when I go to BIOS, there doesn’t seem to be an option for checking whether SATA is enabled or not, and nothing to mark for the system to automatically detect HDDs.

Oh also, the computer doesn’t have a HD at all yet, so this will be the primary.

Hi, I am not a tech, but just some things I would check, 1: if running XP you need service pack 2 or 3 to use with large drives. 2: is BIOS up to date. 3: is drive plugged into sata"0" socket on motherboard. 4: check BIOS (POST) boot sequence and adjust to your preference. 5: you may need to reset real-time-clock by moving jumper on motherboard from PSWD to RTCRST for 10 seconds then back to PSWD,  can you post more info on your system? maybe a tech can help more then. good luck.

What brand and model of motherboard are you running?

Just curious if you resolved your HD (not) being recognized problem ?

I have a different HD  -  But the same problem with WD400 caviar NOT being recognized

Or even an IDE HD / with ide ribbon cable attached to mb.

And can u tell me if there are the (2) sata cable connections AND the need to still attach the

normal (4) pin Power plug connection ? or does the SATA cable that attaches to the mother board

carry the power to the had drive ?