WD 3TB Caviar Green only shows when using USB and not SATA

I recently purchased a WD 3TB Caviar Green HD and hooked it up to my Win7 32 bit computer and it only showed 746GB.

I then hooked it up to my motherboard via SATA and Bios recognized it as a 3TB Drive but Win7 does not show it in Device Manager or Disk Manager.  If I plug it back in with USB it shows the 746GB unallocated drive in drive manager.  How do I get it to show up in device manager and disk manager in windows using SATA?

Thanks in advance

Use the controller card that came with the drive. ALL retail (Box-sealed) 3TB CG drives come with a controller card in case that is happening.

Thanks for the reply.

The drive did not come with a controller card.

Any other thoughts?


Then dude, you’ll just have to return it.

If you already updated W7 to SP1 and you don’t have the controller card that is meant to be used with the drive in case your MoBo doesn’t fully and natively support 3Tb (Even if seen) then you’ll just have to return the drive (Trade it for a 2TB or smaller) or CLAIM with the vendor the controller card that is part of the retail package…

I found a PCI Controller card with an esata port that I had laying around.  after connecting to this card with a hd dock the drive works well and I can see the full drive space.

I am using it as an external storage drive so this works well for my needs.