WD 2 GO Windows Phone- My Cloud EX2

Does anyone have any useful advice on how to use this App? I have not had much success with it. Support tells me that it is no longer supported? All I seem to get is a Warning that says NO Network.
Regards Mark

As you’ve already found, it’s not supported any more and the recent firmware update to OS3 has broken it completely (at least between my MyCloud Mirror and my HTC Windows Phone it finally killed everything off).

You need to make other arrangements, for example use the wd2go web page portal, or set something like WebDAV up and use that to remote access your NAS files instead.

Thank you for the prompt reply. What is WebDAV? Ok it looks like that’s been put to bed? I saw this when I searched it: The Windows Phone port of WebDAV Navigator is no longer in active development

I use WebDAV Nav by Sean Ashton, which seems to work well enough for my needs. It’s a paid app, but it’s quite cheap and I’ve not had any issues with it (you can trial it from the Windows App Store).

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