Access NAS via Cloud via GUI?

I’m hoping there is an method to which using a smart phone, I can access my EX2\NAS via a GUI with thumbnails of images files \ video files and more ?


Just to be clear, you would like to know if there is a way to see the dashboard on you mobile device, or if there is a way to see thumbnails on the mobile app?

I want to be able to see all media files as thumbnails or media file icons or other file types also including documents on a mobile device via a web based GUI ?

There is a WD app for my smart phone (Windows Phone) but I’m hoping there is something better ?

Hi there, unfortunalt via web UI you will not be able to see the thumbnails or interact with the files as the drive is not designed for this.

As for the application, on your Windows Phone, unfortunately theres only the wd2go. I have a Windows Phone and I know how you feel.

But if you are local yo the drive, you can use a DLNA streaming application and this should allow you to connec to the drive.

I was hoping for a cloud based service that could read the media files and generate thumbnails, almost treating the WD EX2 as a OneDrive, hrm.

Windows Phones are great; better then most Andriods IMO :slight_smile: The WDGo App doens’t generate thumbnails and could use a better GUI, if that would be improved upon, then this quesiton would be obsolute !

Yeah, WinPhones are amazing, I got the M8 for Windows and I love everything about it, unfortunately the app gap is killing us, but let just hope that universal apps and project astoria change that.

I own the Lumia 1520, is your eligible for the Windows10 update ?

There seems to be confusion going on regarding who is getting the Windows10 update, I read that the 1520 will not get the update, then I read it won’t be the group of phones in the first wave of the update, arghh !

I am running latest techpreview on my phone, there are a LOT of issues. Check  this, this is where I get all my WinPhone information, is a HUGE community.

FYI According to the Windows Insider program your phone is on the list of supported devices. 

I’m on Windows Central great forum, for everything Windows. 

Where is that list ?

I was informed the official Windows10 Upgrade 1520 users won’t be eligible, only the Insider Program. When Windows10 is officially released for Phones, 1520 users will only be able to use the Insider Program ! :confounded: